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    The Challenges

    In 2016, according to a report by DIGIDAY, an online media in New York, Morgan Stanley estimated that the athleisure market would reach over 270 billion USD in that year and would grow to over 350 billion USD by 2020, representing a stunning annual growth rate of 30%. It was also estimated that the Chinese athleisure market would be worth three trillion RMB yuan, accounting for 1% of the Chinese GDP and representing a growth of 43% over 2015.


    Urban citizens start focusing on healthy lifestyle and the pursuit for work and life balance, now athleisure is a desirable way of life. If your workout session is after work every day, it’s an unfortunate necessity to always bring a gym bag wit your usual work bag. Athleisure outfits are seen not only in gyms, but also everywhere in daily life. With this thrending style, consumers will only need one bag to fit both work and gym scenarios.

    The Solutions

    Building on the Athleisure philosophical preference for mix and match, the Concept 7 Live Lite Active Bag was born, integrating fashion and function.



    When it comes to looks, the designer adds sport features to the average tote bag. The simplified and streamlined silhouette mixed with bright color scheme. The bag doesn’t look too feminine or masculine as it fits with different styles.

    When it comes to materials, the design team of 7 selects those for top comfort and convenience to fulfill consumer needs. 

    1. Ultra light fabrics are selected, so the bag weighs only 227g, eliminating the heavy burden imposed by any traditional tote bag.

    QT8A9829 edit的副本.jpg

    2. IP4 waterproof fabrics to protect against water splash and responds to the  weather changes.


    3. The shoulder band opts for high-density nylon that is durable, thick, and not prone to deformation. The width of the shoulder band is carefully decideded so that it doesn’t slip from the shoulder easily. 

    DSC_0513 edit的副本.jpg

    4. Top YKK zipper to ensure smooth operation. It’s durable, not easily damaged. The front zipper closes down from top to bottom, accommodating the way the tote bag is carried on only one shoulder. The design also provides a fixed position for the yoga pad.

    5. The inner lining is strengthened by knit belt. Thus the backpack can carry bigger weight.

    In addition, the Concept 7 Live Lite Active Bag can be folded into even smaller shape for easy carrying. Featuring big volume and multi-space capacity, the tote bage enables consumers to seamlessly switch between different scenarios, including leisure, fitness, and short-distance excursion.

    The Results

    Just as the 7 coffee machine helps the consumer to make a perfect cup of coffee easily at home or work, the Concept 7 Live Lite Active Bag helps the consumer find the perfect balance between life and work. Equipped with this tote bag, urban youths can seamlessly switch between different scenarios of work, fitness, and other occasions. 

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