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    The Challenges

    As one of the first Western fast-food franchise to enter the Chinese market, Pizza Hut has been committed to improving dining experience through innovation. At Pizza Hut, the use of emerging technologies as a way for improving diner experience is a constant priority.

    Commissioned by Pizza Hut, S.POINT developed the first smart restaurant in Shanghai. Thanks to the use of digital technology and unique theme looks, the diners get to enjoy good food in a unique dining environment. The smart restaurant is a bold break-through compared with existing restaurants, fully demonstrating proactive vision and differentiated experience. 

    The Solutions

    Building on over 20 years’ consumer insights, S.POINT put forward the appeal, engagement, and retaining concept for the Pizza Hut diner experience. Novel technologies were recommended to be put in use to attract diners, who then spread positive news through word of mouth. High-quality service with attention to details coupled with fun interaction helped enhance brand image and retain customers. Finally, the diner reward scheme couple with the membership program helped build up a diner community. 

    Building on the full understanding of digital technology and its many features, the S.POINT team comprehensively analyzed how the technology would boost in-restaurant engagement, comfort, environment, and brand image. The idea was to maximize the digital technology so as to boost diner experience at all stages in the restaurant. The result was a re-invented diner journey featuring multiple engagement contacts throughout the restaurant. 

    Building on a full analysis of the restaurant space, S.POINT proposed four themed stages to provide engagement contacts with the diners, namely, making the order, waiting for the food, dining, and after-dining.

    App & projector-enabled interactive ordering  

    With the ordering app, the diner got to make the order through self-help, thus reducing the wait-to-be-served time in case the waiters were very busy. The diner would have the feeling that he or she took the command. In the projector-enabled interactive ordering area, the diner can launch the smart ordering system by touching the wall or making a gesture. The diner and friends can enjoy the fun of order food through self-help service on the wall, thanks to the projected image. The friends can view the big menu images together, instead of each reading a different menu book.


    Food serving robot

    The food-serving robot Deli offered by Yunji Technology was first deployed at the Pizza Hut Daning smart restaurant. The robot can quickly deliver food to the table. In particular, exact serving points can be identified at the table, so that the robot would arrive at the desired point to serve. When completing the food serving task, the robot would automatically return to its bay for re-charging. 


    The emotion zone

    The diner, using voice command, can communicate with the smart sound box installed at each table, thus offering a fun experience. S.POINT offered a list of natural voice commands the sound box can interpret and understand, including tuning the ambient lighting to suit birthday party, girl party, colleagues dining, family reunion, dating, and other scenarios. The QQ Music-enabled system also songs playing on voice demand. 


    The wonder graffiti

    The child customer gets pencil and paper when entering the restaurant. The characters on the paper, when colored filled by the child, would appear on the projected image. The child enjoyed fun during the process. Consumers can also link up with the graffiti machine via a smartphone app, to see his or her creations projected.


    Only technology is not enough. The deployment of advanced technology at the restaurant is only the first step. Novel techs help provide a jump start. Building on technology, S.POINT strategists are ready to provide even more detailed customer engagement plan, so as to maximize the dining experience and consumer satisfaction, which in turn helps with sustainable business. 

    Building on the balance between technology and experience, S.POINT has successfully implemented the Pizza Hut smart restaurant, boosted by easy-to-use, intuitive app and a unique UI featuring the emotion zone. The smart restaurant demonstrates the power of combined online and offline experience. 

    The Results

    S.POINT looks to offering consumers a brand new experience by incorporating novel technologies into the physical space of the smart restaurant. With the launch of the smart restaurant at Changning, Shanghai, all customers are welcome to experience great Pizza Hut food in a new setting.

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