In a fast-paced and highly competitive market, how to effectively and rapidly adapt to uncertainty is one of the most curial challenges companies are facing. In this chaotic environment, we help clients to gather insights, synthesize and find product innovation opportunities that can create business value.
  • Industry Trends Research

    From a business perspective, we look for the signals of change through the lens of social, economic, and technology. Then incorporate qualitative and quantitative methodologies to uncover innovation trends and topics.
  • Consumer Insights

    From a consumer perspective, we use anthropological and sociological research methods to better understand their living environments and convert insights into consumer needs. We co-create with consumers to explore the possibility for innovation.
  • Emerging Technologies

    From a technology perspective, we look for technology-driven startups, understand the hype cycle and explore the innovation opportunities together with local VC and global incubator partners together.


Product Definition and Design

Today’s fast changing world is full of different consumer groups, emerging technologies and new business challenges. We help our clients transform innovation opportunities to practical product solutions. We prototype and iterate to help clients receive a greater ROI.
  • Co-Creation

    We invite experts, Trend Setters and Trend Receivers, and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to join us in co-creation sessions. We can better understand the consumer needs and generate concepts by ideating together.
  • Product Definition

    Our innovation opportunities are based on consumer needs, technology, product functions and market signals. We define a comprehensive product experience through physical products, digital products, packaging, retail spaces and services.
  • Integrated Design

    Based on the users' needs, we focus on product functions and emotional connections, comprehensively employing a variety of design strategies: product design, interactive design, brand design, packaging design, spatial design, and service design.
  • Prototyping

    Innovation is not a hypothetical abstract. We use a variety of methods for rapidly prototyping physical products, digital products, spaces and services. We collect user feedbacks to test and iterate, increasing the success rate of innovation.


Product Delivery

Our strategy, design, R&D and manufacturing teams work collaboratively to deliver end-to-end innovative product solution to our clients. The lean process let all functions working in parallel, it also allows the rapid and precise delivery of the product solution.
  • Design for Mass Production

    We apply the “design for mass production” principle to the process in the early stages of product design. Our design is the outcome after careful considerations of materials/assembly techniques, mechanical/electrical components, accessory techniques, and quality/cost control.
  • Production Management

    With over 20 years of experience in designing and developing innovative products, we help companies build complete and comprehensive manufacturing systems. We specialize in helping brands control their supply chains, connect with their channels and manufacturing resources in a more targeted way.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

    We consistently focus on the needs of the consumer, helping clients to precisely convey the unique characteristics of their products and brand concepts. We use design thinking and tools to map the customer journey to create exquisite consumer experiences for our clients’ brands.


Innovation Capacity Building

Cultivating innovation capacity based on design thinking constantly evolves and requires a series of specific methods and tools. We help organizations build innovation capabilities by designing engagements including workshops, co-creation projects and co-constructed innovation centers.
  • Innovation Bootcamp

    We design comprehensive innovation practice programs for clients to demonstrate the innovation process, covering all aspects of evaluation and selection, such as recruiting, training, practicing, and coaching.
  • Innovation Systems and Processes

    We set up innovation team to bring design thinking and organizational management skills to the client, helping them create innovation processes and a systems for evaluation.