We Care More about their Future than Cutting Long Hair.

This is a different spring in which an epidemic broke out in China. Just as people wanted to escape the center of the outbreak, a group of brave "heroes in harm’s way" rushed to Hubei. Many of these soldiers in white are nurses.

For the convenience of wearing protective clothing, the nurses who had been reinforced from all over the country resolutely cut their long hair when they set out. This move touched countless people.


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But it also happened that a local management organization abused its power to ask nurses to shave their hair. Such an extremely unreasonable event aroused strong public condemnation.


It is gratifying that more and more people begin to pay attention to the poor environment and great pressure of nurses . But what we want to explore more is that they are praised in the extraordinary period, people pay attention to their hair, their working environment. But in their daily work, do we care about their career mentality and career demands, and how can we support them? Without professional and careful nursing, the whole medical system is difficult to operate smoothly, and patients' pain points are difficult to be effectively relieved.


Florence Nightingale

In a past medical consultation project, we have investigated the professional status and professional development of nurses, especially thought that this proposition is a great challenge for the medical system.

In the impression of most people, nurses and preschool education are similar, and it seems that they are all jobs held by young women. Let's imagine what your career would be like if you were a nurse? What kind of growth process does a nurse need to go through and what kind of challenges does she face from the beginning when she just stepped out of school, to a few years' work in a post, to a decade or even decades' work? Understanding this process is the right way to truly respect and support the "angel in white".

As a group of strategy consultants, we are used to seeing problems in a framework way. So we decompose the professional development process of nurses into the following structure:



Talent preparation period

At this stage, nurses experience the transition from campus to workplace. Due to the upgrading of employment competition, many nursing students are enrolled with undergraduate or even graduate degrees. However, the front-line work of nurses needs more operational skills than theoretical knowledge at this stage, and the high education has no obvious advantage at this time, which will lead to psychological gap.


Young nurses usually do not have the concept of career planning at this stage. Therefore, it is necessary for the hospital management to inform the rules of talent selection in advance and the training direction.


Early stage of talent development

For young nurses, five years or so means that the basic skills required by the Department are skilled enough, but the labor remuneration is low, the social recognition is low, and the work content can not see the room for improvement day by day. How would you behave if you were in this bottleneck?


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In addition to the patient's factors, hospital management encourages and trains nurses' self-improvement, which is an important measure. Those with scientific research potential can be encouraged to publish papers, those with teaching potential can be responsible for teaching, and those with management ability can set up the direction of professional director. All in all, we need to create opportunities for nurses to think about the future.


Middle stage of talent development

The first challenge at this stage is that nurses often experience rotation and scheduling.

At this time, there are faults in the transition, and the lack of guidance mechanism in the transition period is a prominent problem. Therefore, for the management, it is a very important process design work to establish the standardization and institutionalization of knowledge transfer in the process of job rotation and promotion. I think the hospital can learn from the mentor or buddy mechanism of large foreign enterprises. In addition, using digital system tools to transfer knowledge is also a long-term benefit.

Mentor, Buddy: partner tutor mechanism

The second challenge is how to justify the professional value of nurses.

We can compare the career growth of nurses in the United States, taking "practice nurses" and "clinical nursing experts" as examples.


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Although there is also an examination system for specialized nurses in China, the threshold is relatively low, and the development of advanced nursing practice is still in its infancy, so there is almost no room for expert nurses to play. Without real value, there will be no return and no resources.

In the public propaganda, the basic "life care" level of the nursing industry is often regarded as the propaganda point, which further deepens the stereotype that nurses' work value is not high, and leads to the lack of due respect for nurses' professionalism. So I hope that I can see more about professionalism when I praise nurses in the future, not just their gentle, kind and selfless dedication. They are professional medical workers.


Retention period of talents

At this stage, the cultural construction of the management is particularly important. Harmonious working atmosphere, sense of team belonging, leaders giving resources and recognition, supporting nurses to coordinate the relationship between work and family, supporting talents with scientific research and teaching ability to play a greater value, these measures will be beneficial for excellent nursing talents to continue to stick to their posts.


We are not professional hospital managers, but we are willing to use the observation logic of strategists to analyze the significant proposition of "nurse development" with our framework and experience, so as to provide reference for professional solvers.

What we hope to see is not the praise of nurses for a while, but the continuous improvement of the professional nursing system. In the future, excellent young people are willing to enter into this career which is related to human life and health. Instead of talent exhaustion, the ultimate victim will be each of us.

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