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  • Senior Digital Product Designer (Senior UX/UI Designer)
    Innovation Strategy

    1, Responsible for providing design solutions for digital product project effectively, including Webapp, APP, social platform and hardware interface;

    2, Teamwork: Work with teams from different discipline with open and inclusive mindset to achieve project goals;

    3, Planning: Design strategy for digital products from research to release, controlling delivery timeline and quality;

    4, Research: Plan the design research of digital products, including competitive analysis, leading cases, user research, technical feasibility, and product concept generation;

    5, Design: Complete the definition of digital products, including function list, information architecture, process and framework; Work with visual designer to design product interface; Complete PRD to communicate with engineers according to various standards such as development, deployment and testing.


    1, Bachelor degree or above, major in industrial design, visual communication design, computer science, psychology is preferred;

    2, At least 3+ years experience in designing digital products in the Internet and software industry, familiar with the relevant process of Internet product design, successful cases is required;

    3, Familiar with methodology of user research, including site visits, interviews and usability testing, with solid statistical and data analysis foundation;

    4, Familiar with digital product design methods, including information architecture, user flow, wireframes, hi-fi prototype, design system, etc. Proficient in using digital product design software;

    5, Understand the front-end development logic and framework, able to provide the Product Requirements Document to ensure convey the design requirements to engineer accurately. Familiar with industry standards, including android, iOS, applets, etc.

    6, Able to effectively balance and allocate time for different projects, balance the rate of research input and benefits, complete research efficiently, and understand the agile development process;

    7, Familiar with the Internet industry, good communication skills, active thinking, good at solving problems;

    8, Ability to communicate in English;

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