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     S.POINT & Young Designer

    In order to provide an opportunity for graduating young designers to showcase their talents, shejipi.com launched the Young Designer 2018 Competition & NEXT Design Award program on 15 May. Inviting senior students from leading design universities across China to submit entries, the program would select the best works and offer promising designers rich resources, including media exposure and networking.

    As a leading product innovation company focused on consumer demands, S.POINT has built up rich innovative development experience over the past 20 years. By working with leading design universities in China over time, we believe that the future of the country’s innovative industries depend on young talents. S.POINT was invited by shejipi.com to be on the jury committee for the competition, with our leadership position in the industry and our engagement with young designers fully recognized. 


    Jury Members

    Zhou Yi, S.POINT founder, was invited to join the jury by shejipi.com. Zhou boasts over 28 years of design and management experience. A winner of DFA, the most influential design award in Asia, he used to be named the top 50 business innovators in China by CBN Weekly. In 2018, he is appointed iF jury member. He has been quoted multiple times by The Economist and BusinessWeek.


    ?? Zhou Yi, Founder, S.POINT

    Zhou Yi is glad to join CEOs and design directors from leading design companies and brand names home and abroad on the jury of Young Designer 2018 Competition & NEXT Design Award program. 


    ?? Jury members of Young Designer 2018 &「NEXT Design Award


    Previous Winners

    Since its inception, the Young Designer program has introduced many new talents to the industry:

    1. Li Zanwen graduated from Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy in 2016. His graduation design piece Heng won the second place at Young Designer 2016 & NEXT Award. In the same year, Heng also won the RedDot Award. The piece was featured in multiple news reports home and aboard. Following the awards, Li launched his own brand name ZAN Design.


    ??Li Zanwen’s Heng – The Desk Lamp

    2. Chen Xiaoru graduated from the Design Department of Tongji University in 2016. Her graduation design piece “Mini Streaming Box” was featured in the Young Designer 2016 program. In the same year, the piece won the James Dyson Award, making Chen the first Chinese student to be recognized at this prestigious program.


    ??Chen Xiaoru’s graduation design piece: Mini Streaming Box


    3. Plastico by the trio Chen Liangzhi, Lai Leqi, and Yang Qihuan from the National Cheng Kung University won the first place at Young Designer 2016 & NEXT Design Award. The piece was invited to take part in the 629 World Industrial Design Day series of activities that took place during World Design Capital Taipei 2016. The trio then went on further academic training in leading international design universities. 


    ??Plastico by the trio Chen Liangzhi, Lai Leqi, and Yang Qihuan

    In here, your works get exposure thanks to the reporting by shejipi.com, which covered both online and offline media. Leading global designers, brand name design directors, and CEOs appreciated your works and share their comments. More importantly, you may land a long-term job with leading global design studios or brand names. Come and shine. If you want your works shine just like others’, take part in the program now! 



    This year, the Young Designer graduation design program has gathered several hundred pieces from about a dozen leading universities such as Tsinghua Fine Arts Academy), Tongji, and Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy. The pieces on display are grouped by the participating schools or studios. All pieces are entry candidates to the NEXT Design Award program. 

    The voting consists of two parts. The voting by the jury accounts for 80% weight and readers voting 20%. The readers will be welcome to vote online at shejipi.com. The final ranking will be decided based on the combined result of jury and audience voting. Winners will be awarded. 


    The readers voting system will operate from 9:00 15 June to 17:00 15 July. Come and vote for the stars of industrial design of the future!

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